FMM Pop Up is a social enterprise that has been born from the historical pop-up nature of Fashion Meets Music.
Fashion Meets Music continues to showcase emerging designers, artists and talent in the form of Events, Concerts, Festivals, Expo’s and more, whilst FMM Pop Up concentrates on the daily pop up activity of the store.
With Creativity and Knowledge as our goal, below is a list of what Fashion Meets… When you step into FMM Pop Up...


To deliver engaging innovative solutions to support communities in education, employment and enterprise.



To provide end to end guidance and support for individuals or brands ready to take their idea and dream to the next level, whilst using creativity as a tool to engage participation and tailoring the delivery to individual needs.


We are keen to hear from you ALL. At FMM Pop Up we love collaborations and partnerships as this is the heart of what we believe in. Let us know your thoughts and hopefully we can work together to make it a reality.

We support, guide, engage and develop young designers and musicians (in age and or vocational development/advancement) to give them a platform to showcase their brand and receive ongoing support.

We also deliver tailored creative educational programmes and stand-alone workshops. Or a range of industry sector opportunities in-house or within our vast network of employers and organisations.

Engage – Train – Individualised Support – Employ/ Enterprise – Mentor – Network – Repeat

Our successful seven stage cycle encompasses training, work experience and enterprise which is all delivered within our store, but recognise that each individual/brand/organisation may need all stages of support, or just one. This is a personal journey.

Organisations or individuals, contact us for any of our services or a tailored individualized package.